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Initial Coin Offering in Montenegro

Initial Coin Offering in Montenegro

At this time the Montenegrin legislation does not stipulate regulations for Crypto companies therefore currently this service is unavailable.

A kind of cryptocurrency funding is known as an initial coin offering (ICO). In an ICO, a certain amount of cryptocurrency is offered as tokens, also known as coins, to investors in return for cash or other often more established and reliable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are planning to fund cryptocurrency by launching initial coin offerings in Montenegro, you can get in touch with our company formation agents

Furthermore, if you are planning to move to Montenegro and settle there, our experts can describe to you the residency criteria of this country. Their guidance can help you to get residency without wasting much time. 

How does an Initial Coin Offering work?

The first thing a cryptocurrency project’s organizers do is decide how they will structure it to generate money through an initial coin offering in Montenegro. There are several possible ways to structure ICOs, including:

  • –  A company can specify a certain financial goal or limit, in which case the total supply of tokens is defined and each token sold during the ICO has a set price;
  • –  An ICO may have a static supply of tokens and a dynamic funding target, which implies that the total price per token will depend on the amount of money raised during the ICO;
  • –  Some initial coin offerings feature a dynamic token supply but a static price, which means that the supply is determined by the amount of cash raised.

If you are planning to launch an initial coin offering in Montenegro you can receive assistance from our team of company incorporation agents. Our experts can also help you open a company or extend your business through a branch office in this country. Or they can also practically assist you if you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Montenegro.

How do you launch an ICO in Montenegro?

Anyone with access to the necessary technology is free to introduce a new coin. Initial coin offers (ICOs) are a way for domestic and international investors to launch virtual currencies for marketing in Montenegro, but there are a few factors to take into account to ensure that the platform is operating legally, for instance:

  • –        Create a digital token or use one that is already well-known, and develop a marketing strategy for the platform it will be sold on;
  • –        Create a white paper outlining the objectives of the initial coin offering in Montenegro;
  • –        Form a corporation in Montenegro;
  • –        Apply for the necessary permits and licenses;
  • –        Create a website or register with one that promotes ICO ventures as a platform.

The related authorities or our business registration agents may explain the regulations they need to comply with. Foreign investors who wish to relocate to Montenegro in order to conduct initial coin offerings are encouraged to check all the requirements in this field. In addition to this, Montenegro offers online incorporation. If you want to start your business faster in this country, you can use our online incorporation tool. Our company formation agents in Montenegro can provide you with help in this matter.

How can our experts help you?

Besides self-investigation, investors have the option to evaluate these investments using several important parameters provided by our Montenegrin experts. They can help you to launch an initial coin offering in Montenegro effectively. So, you are welcome to consult with our company incorporation consultants in Montenegro. They can provide you with practical assistance throughout the procedure of introducing an initial coin offering in this country.

Furthermore, if you wish to immigrate and obtain Montenegro citizenship by investment, our agents can also give you details on this matter. It has the advantage of allowing free travel to locations such as Montenegro, the Schengen Area, Russia, Turkey, etc. An application for Montenegro citizenship by investment can be approved within 8–10 months. For any further queries, get in touch with our local experts.

Montenegro’s economic growth

There are several company structures that you can establish in Montenegro or you can simply buy readymade companies in this country, like a shelf company.

If you are planning to open a cryptocurrency company in Montenegro, the economic statistics provided below might help you to make a better decision:

–        The economic growth of Montenegro in 2020 was $4.78 billion, about 13.79 percent lesser from 2019;

–        In 2019, Montenegro’s economy grew by $5.54 billion, 0.65 percent more than in 2018.

Contact our company formation experts in Montenegro for any kind of related assistance. Additionally, you can have a virtual office if you cannot afford a physical office in Montenegro.

Our specialists can give you information on several virtual office packages that are offered and assist you in choosing the right one for your company’s needs.