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Hiring Workforce in Montenegro

Hiring Workforce in Montenegro

Starting a company in Montenegro implies various steps, one of the most important being hiring employees. Luckily, foreign investors who open companies in Montenegro do not need to bring workers from other countries, as the local workforce can meet most of their demands.

Companies seeking to hire personnel in Montenegro can conduct the process through their own human resources departments or can request the services of employment agencies. No matter how they decide to do that, they must comply with the Employment Law which can be explained by our company formation agents in Montenegro.

Why choose the labor force in Montenegro?

Montenegro is one of the most prolific countries in Europe and is currently preparing to enter the European Union. One of the reasons for which the Montenegrin economy is performing so good is the local workforce which is young and skilled.

Among the best performing industries which also rely on a well-prepared workforce in Montenegro are:

  • –          manufacturing which is made up of SMEs employing a large portion of the local workforce;
  • –          tourism which is the most prolific industry in Montenegro, at the moment;
  • –          the services sector which comprises the financial, the IT and the communications industries;
  • –          the retail and whole trade sectors which hire young workers in Montenegro;
  • –          agriculture is also a developed industry which has a significant number of employees.

Our company registration consultants in Montenegro can also help foreign investors who want to set up businesses in these industries.

A work permit also comes with  Montenegro residency

Types of work contracts in Montenegro

All work relations between employer and employee are based on a labor contract which must contain information on the position occupied, the terms of employment and the remuneration. Both the employee and the employer have rights and obligations which are stipulated in the work contract.

Most of the Montenegro workforce is hired based on a permanent basis which implies indefinite labor contracts, however, the following types of work contracts can also be concluded:

  • –          short-term labor contracts;
  • –          temporary work contracts;
  • –          part-time employment contracts.

Home-based and weekend jobs are also possible in Montenegro, as Montenegro companies are flexible.

For information on the obligations and rights of employers, but also for assistance in opening a company in Montenegro, please contact us.