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Set Up an IT Company in Montenegro

Set Up an IT Company in Montenegro

The IT industry in Montenegro can prove to be extremely competitive, therefore it is crucial to have a solid foundation which is set up by the appropriate credentials, a solid business plan, enough funds and an innovative product or service. In this article, our company formation advisors in Montenegro explain different aspects related to opening an IT company in this country.

Service provider regulations in Montenegro

If you intend to set up a service provider in Montenegro, our company registration consultants in Montenegro find it important to know that records of such providers have to be maintained in paper and electronic form.

According to the local legislation, for every certification service provider, there are certain data which have to be entered in the records, such as:

• The registration number;

• The date of registration in the records;

• The headquarter name, or the name and address of the certification service provider;

• The name and the Unique Master Citizen Number of the individuals who are authorized by certification service provider;

• The email of the provider;

• The fax and telephone numbers;

• The performed amendments date;

• The deletion from the records date;

• Other information: our Montenegro company formation agents can provide further details on what these other data consist of.

Main aspects to consider when setting up an IT company in Montenegro

In order to set up a successful IT company in Montenegro, follow these steps:

Research the local market: establish what IT services are offered in the community where you are located and which areas are underserved;

Improve your skills and services: make sure that you know the current trends and the required skills;

Write down a business plan: here, you should include data about your credentials, your experience and how your services will answer a demand on the market. Our company formation representatives in Montenegro can offer more information related to this matter;

Obtain funds: if you plan to launch a service-based IT company in Montenegro or a product-based one, you will need enough funds;

Open the IT company in Montenegro by incorporating or establishing an alternative legal entity

If you require more information about the IT sector in Montenegro, or for help to open a company in Montenegro in this industry, please feel free to speak to our friendly staff.